A mentally challenged man

can't resist a gift of knowledge,

but it comes with a dark destiny. When good and evil intertwine, taking one means accepting the other.

​My novels are all psychological, paranormal thrillers, but they're not a series. Each novel will introduce you to a different cast of characters who'll struggle against a different paranormal threat. Here's a quick guide to help you decide where to begin browsing. A brief description under each novel's cover will then try to lure you to visit that novel's page to learn more.

  • Dark Knowledge is highly visual and has a dark fantasy/paranormal horror feel.  
  • Struck combines Native American mysticism with magical realism and a touch of romance. 
  • Above Haldis Notch ventures into the afterlife with a mystery/suspense edge. 
  • Daeva is literary horror with intense characterization and a strong psychological bent.

My Novels 

A young mother in rural

Vermont battles a vindictive

spirit who threatens more

than her family's lives. The

spirit seeks to destroy

their afterlives. 

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Daeva pits supernatural

manipulation against human

devotion when an ancient

daeva with a grudge against

mankind stands ready to gain

access to the world. 

When lightning strikes

Barry as he hikes among

ancient petroglyphs in

Albuquerque, NM, it's not

just an accident of nature.

​It's a calling.