My husband, Jack, and I enjoy various physical and cultural activities and our new big city life in San Diego. We like to travel to faraway places, but for the next few years, we plan to explore our new home state. There's a lot of California to see. Wish us luck. 

​​​​About Me

I'm originally from the Texas Panhandle. That's where I grew up, got an education, and started my career as an engineer. At 31, I took a job in Boston and moved across the country to experience a bustling life in New England. Five years later, I bought twenty wooded acres on the side of a mountain in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and built a modest log cabin to live in, just me and my dog. After a year or two in my remote cabin, inspired by things that go bump in the night, I began writing paranormal, psychological thrillers. 

Now - three decades, several novels, and five interstate moves since my days in Texas - I live in downtown San Diego, California. It's a drastically different setting and lifestyle than any place else I've lived, but what's life without variety?  

​As for my novels, they're all stand-alone. Each one has different characters and a different setting. I call them "Horror with Heart." You can sample my novels on this website. If you end up reading one, please consider leaving a review on Amazon. 

Thanks for stopping in,
Keith Pyeatt