SouthWest Writers interviewed me about Daeva and my writing

in general. Click the links below and see what makes me tick.

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As for my novels, they're all stand-alone. Each one has different characters, a different paranormal element, different themes, and a different blend of genres. I consider them all to be paranormal, psychological thrillers, but I call them "Horror with Heart" because it sounds catchier to me. You can sample my novels here on this website or by using the "look inside" feature on Amazon. If you end up reading one, feel free to tell me what you think. You can reach me at "contact @" (no spaces). Better yet, leave a review on Amazon. 

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Keith Pyeatt

​​About Me

I've moved around some, but I'm originally from the Texas Panhandle. That's where I grew up, went to college, and started my career as an engineer. At 31, I took a job in Boston and moved across the country to experience big city life in New England. After five years, I was ready to try something rural. Very rural. I moved to the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, bought twenty-something wooded acres on the side of a mountain, and built a modest log cabin to live in, just me and my dog. After a year or two in my remote cabin, inspired by things that go bump in the night and my love of reading, I wrote a horror novel. I wrote it on a whim, really, but the act of writing caught hold of me. I kept at it, studied the craft, and then kept at it some more. 

Now, nearly three decades, several novels, and four major moves since leaving Texas, I live in Tucson, Arizona. I enjoy life in the desert. It's a drastically different setting and lifestyle than my ten years in Vermont, but I'm happy to say that things go bump in the night here too. I can still find the inspiration I need to scratch my writing itch from time to time. 

When I'm away from my computer, I can often be found doing something athletic like running, working out, or hiking. I love traveling with my husband Jack, romping with and loving on our dogs, puttering around the house, and reading. In 2013, I joined Reveille Men's Chorus, and I enjoy rehearsing and performing with them or just goofing around with my Reveille brothers.