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The contracts for Struck, Dark Knowledge, and Above Haldis Notch all expired. These novels are no longer for sale through their original publishers, but they are still available as ebooks. The covers are new, the prices are lower, and my characters remain eager to meet you.

$2.99 now buys the ebook version of all three of my published novels at Amazon.
See for yourself.

"It is always a treat to discover a book that is so well written, original and captivating that you are haunted by the characters days, even weeks, after finishing the book... I would recommend this to all who love horror and fantasy but also to those who enjoy a thought provoking look at good and evil. Dark Knowledge is guaranteed to satisfy".
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The publisher planning to release Daeva in 2015 closed its doors in 2014. I hope to find a new publishing home for this paranormal horror novel, and I'll post updates here when I succeed.

About Daeva:
Trapped for centuries inside mortal minds, a manipulative daeva with the potential to devastate mankind finally finds a host he can use to set himself free into the world. Sharon, the host's sister, works tirelessly to help her brother resist the daeva's influence, but by the time she fully understands his threat to mankind, he's made Sharon the key to his success. Her death will either empower the daeva or destroy him.

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